Back by popular demand!

Here it is, one of the jewels! The White House Cook Book written by Hugo Ziemann who was once upon a time the steward of the White House, and Mrs. F.L. Gillette. It is a cookbook treasure that has a special place in cookbook collectors hearts. It's a hefty one with 609 pages and packed with cooking, toilet and household recipes, menus, dinner-giving tips, table etiqutte, care of the sick, health suggestions, facts worth knowing and etc. Also has pic of Helen Axson Wilson, this classic cokbook would put the current First Lady at the time of publishing on the title page. This copy also has pics of Helen Herron Taft and Frances Folsom Cleveland.


spiralgoddess said...

Beautiful Blog and really interesting :)

SOiNTOiT said...

oooh, what a find! from one cookbook collector to another. All the fifties books can only bring warm memories back for me. All those women in heals, slips, stockings and ironed dresses look like my mother!

Like Peter Design said...

Thanks for adding my blog! Cookbooks, what fun! Great blog!


Anonymous said...

Love your blog. This is what I would do more of if I had time...and if I lived back in England!
I have an awesome cookbook that was my mothers and before her, it belonged to my grandmother. It has the best cake recipes.

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