Kitchen's of the 1920's

The 1920's kitchens were created with the thought that being modern, sanitary, and efficient were very important like women of the past decade had, the difference though was the loosening of the rules of any non essential decor being allowed, it was truly a period of sweet and in my opinion, really pretty kitchens.

Light and bright cheerful colors were used often and made the space seem bright and in many cases bigger than they were.

The invention of electricity made appliances absolutely mandatory and ad agencies made sure you (the consumer) knew that too.
Vacuum cleaners, washing machines, toasters, electric stoves, and fans were just a few of the fancy new tools designed to save time and add comfort to daily tasks.
Until the 1920s, appliances were popular, but during the 1920's, they became a MUST. Electric refrigerators replaced the ice box by the end of the decade, it was a huge shift that literally changed the way families ate.

The kitchens and recipes of the 1920's are one of my absolute favorites and I hope you can see why. In my opinion it's such a great balance of simplicity with warmth and comfort. To me they inspire me to combine sweet and homey with functionality and create a space that will make and my friends and family feel at home.


Kendra said...

Cool post :) I love vintage and 1920's were a great era, imo :)
Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures!

Cherry Red Studio said...

just found your blog :) im definitely a vintage cookbook addict too! (well, actually vintage or new haha) I just love cookbooks!

Garden Gate Designs said...

Love the picture of the 1920's era stove. My husband's Grandmother used one of these to bake her fabulous pastries and breads for our family for years. After she passed on, breads and pastries were never the same. That same stove wound up on my Sister-in-Law's screened porch at her plaqued century home. She uses it to display cooking utinsils from the same era. Thanks for the memory.

Rosemary, Garden Gate Designs

Hosneara Begum said...

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